12 facts & what’s to come

12 Facts to Get this Party Started

  1. I’m 24!
  2. I’m from Southern California.
  3. I have the BEST family; two amazing parents & three wonderful siblings.
  4. I went to Saint Mary’s College, an all women’s college in Notre Dame, Indiana. #gobelles
  5. I am a Registered Nurse (3 years & counting).
  6. I currently work as a Neonatal ICU Nurse at a children’s hospital.
  7. I studied abroad in Ireland during college.
  8. I’m vegetarian.
  9. I love reading fiction, especially sci-fi/fantasy.
  10. I’m Catholic!
  11. I love Orangetheory Fitness & have discovered a new passion for working out regularly.
  12.  I am moving to Edinburgh, Scotland in September, where I will not be working, will be studying a Masters in Nursing, and WILL ABSOLUTELY be travelling all around Europe.

I am hoping this blog serves as a platform to discuss both the small and the grand adventures during my year abroad. I’m planning to post about day to day life in Edinburgh, restaurant reviews, University life, professional nursing updates, & travels to foreign places. I’m also hoping to post vlogs on Youtube!




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